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Rest In Power Champ: You Truly Shook Up The World

Muhammad Ali not only shook up the world in the ring but he shook up the world outside of it as well!!! A man on top of the world that could have enjoyed the spoils of fame, stood firm in his convictions to fight racism not only in America but across the world!!!

This man was brave enough to speak out in a time where black lives had no value in America. Now we live in a time where our stars are afraid to speak their minds because of the fear of public backlash. 

Muhammad Ali lived courageously while we live as cowards!!! 


Music plays and has played a huge role in my life. Not only by being a performer but just being a genuine fan. So I have decided to start a weekly blog dedicated to songs that played during the soundtrack of my life.

This week's feature is a song that anyone born in the 80s should remember. The movie and soundtrack!!! I probably couldn't tell you what the movie was about today other than a whale but the one scene I remember in the movie featured one of my favorite songs at the time!!! The Movie?!? FREE WILLY!!! The song!!! Will You Be There by Michael Jackson