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Juan Hoerni's Move Mountains Coming Soon

I told you all that the second half of 2013 was going to be amazing and there were some projects I worked on that I couldn't wait until you all heard them.  

Well, hopefully, you all have heard and seen the video for my lead single, One Kiss. Now, Cha Cha Project Recordings artist, Juan Hoerni, is set to release his album, Move Mountains. I penned the song of the same name, Move Mountains, which has seen an amazing remix from International DJ Roy Davis (Shhhhh... you can find this mix on Red Bull Sessions if you do a quick Google Search). I also have three other songs on there ranging from a Soulful House dance track to what one reviewer calls "lustfully soulful"!!! 

Collaborating with Hoerni has been such a wonderful experience which has taken me completely out of the element of what "Private Use Only" is going to be. It has been amazing producing and writing a bedroom album one week, then getting these House tracks from Juan and having to switch completely out of that sensual mind frame. For Juan's project, I did a lot of studying from my musical mentor and big sister, Sy Smith's Fast and Curious album which she produced with Mark De Clive Lowe. Needless to say, this has been a fun musical roller coaster ride.   

I can't wait for you all to hear everything that has been in the works. 

And look out for way more music coming from Juan and I for years to come!!!

Peace and Love!!!!