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Persistence Does Pay Off

"Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence." -Colin Powell

This has to be one of the more exciting times of my musical career!!! There is no better timing than God's timing. I moved out to California the 2nd week of 2005 to pursue my musical career. When I came out here, I had no friends or family in the music industry, nor had I established myself as one of the top entertainers in my hometown. But what I did have was a great teacher and ambition!!! 

For my first few years in Cali, I worked in Corporate America for Nokia & Samsung as their Marketing Manager. While on these jobs, I hung around the music scene, did shows, and recorded here & there but I wasn't taking my music career as seriously because I was making GREAT money for a recent college grad!!! But in 2009, the economy took a turn for the worse and my entire department was laid off. After getting laid I off, I searched for months for another job in my field but no one was hiring. So one night while searching the internet for jobs, there was a voice that asked me what I was doing and why didn't I realize that working in Corporate America was not the reason I came out to L.A. So on that day, I began going down to the world famous World Stage Performing Arts Center in Liemert Park to get my vocal skills back to where they should have been.

After getting to where I thought I should be, I started performing at any open mic I could find around L.A. From those open mics I started building true relationships with any and everybody. And I also started to learn how to produce my own projects instead of having to depend on others to help me. Out of these relationships came some AMAZING opportunities. I was approached time and time again to sign with this and that person but in my heart, I knew it wasn't time. And when I thought it was time and prepared to sign with a couple people, those situations always fell apart. So I kept working but never tried to brown nose any of the people I had made connections with but stayed true to who I was with them. 

So after a few years of developing friendships and working on my own project and cultivating my stage act, everything is beginning to fall in place. Come July of this year, not only will I be releasing my first single from my debut album, I will be featured extensively on one of the top House producers in America's album with one of my songs that I wrote for the album as the title track, and I will be setting out on a 5-6 city tour with April Ellington, the daughter of the late great Duke Ellington, as her opening act.  

It's always amazing to see things come to fruition especially from places where you least expected them. But that is why I always tell people, it is important to stay loyal to those who have been loyal to you and always be true to the people who come in your life no matter how great or how small you think that person is. People in positions of power know when you are hanging on to them just because of what they can do for you!!! 

Just know that when it is your time, there is nothing that no one can do to close that window of opportunity!!! So, until your time comes, stay persistent, stay positive, stay loyal, work hard, but most importantly, stay prayerful!!!!


Peace and love!!!